In Asia just as you would see a Chinese Medicine Doctor when you are not felling well,

Feng Shui is used as a form of diagnosing the health of your home.

According to Feng Shui the Ancient Chinese study, there are several different sources of energy that move in and around us.

Sheng Chi – is the good healthy, prosperous, happy energy.

When you are drawing on Sheng Chi

you are positive and all good things are flowing your way.

When your home is low in Sheng Chi

Your life feels frustrated your mind foggy not being able to see what is possible?

You feel like a victim, without support, overwhelmed and perhaps depressed.

In this state is very difficult and almost impossible to create -What you want in your life!

A good Feng Shui Consultant should be able to construct a detailed graph of the strengths and weaknesses of any building.

When the issues are addressed we end up with a space that is truly in balance with nature – a space that is alive and in tune with those who inhabit it.

This harmony is achieved by combining the natural 5 elements Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Water.
 The 5 Elements used in form of; furniture, lighting, colours & accessories; we  can create not only beauty but a sanctuary for your soul.