‘Simple Surroundings create room for the mind’

Clutter is stuff in your home or life that no longer brings you joy.

Clutter is whatever requires more of your time and attention than it is worth.

Clutter is anything you keep out of a sense of obligation rather than because you love it.

Clutter is unfinished business such as

  • half-finished projects
  • letters not written
  • unread books by the bed
  • empty photo albums etc.

Clutter is stuck energy that has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual results.

The Location of our Clutter could have other meanings:

  • Inside a closet = Unwilling to examine emotions
  • Next to a bed = Desire for change or escape
  • On a desk = Frustration, fear of letting go or need to control
  • In a corner behind a door = Detachment from others

According to the principles of Feng-Shui ‘That which is on the outside, closely resembles that which resides on the inside’. Our surroundings are a macrocosm (or Barometer) of our internal and often intensely private state of being. Everything around you mirrors your inner self.

By changing your home you also change the possibilities in your life.