“The garden is an extension of your home, how you plant it has a strong impact on the Feng Shui of your environment and the energy map of your home”

Our modern life pushes us to move more quickly and accomplish more, but our minds and hearts crave for a quiet haven where we can top up our energies and clear our thinking. By creating your own garden oasis and regularly spending time there, you will develop a stronger connection with the earth, creating a greater balance in your life.

Some important points to consider when looking at creating a garden that will create balance and harmony in your life.

Create a welcoming feeling at the entrance. Most successful families and businesses do this well. Next time you are passing by a successful business entrance have a good look.

Make sure the area around your front door is in keeping with the welcoming feeling of the front door.

In Gardens that  are  flat with only grass, the energy moves too fast over the grass and is not supportive for homes, this type of garden is okay for public parks but not for homes.

Have some raised planting beds,  trees and shrubbery. If you can’t do this place a statue, a fountain, a large pot with flowers in it or create nice pathways in the flat garden.

Having beauty in your garden will bring positive energy your way

“Beauty attracts beauty”