what is feng shuiIt doesn’t matter if you believe in Feng Shui or not. Your life and destiny are interwoven with the workings of the universe and nature.”

~ Master Lin Yun

Translated ‘Feng Shui’ literally and symbolically means ‘Wind and Water’. The primary energies of life. One is visible – Water; One is invisible – Wind.

For a long time it has been known that a well-selected location would bring prosperity and good health, whereas a bad location would bring poverty and disease. This applies to a home or business environment, even a suburb, town or an entire country.

Feng Shui goes back in history over three thousand years and was developed primarily in China but similar practices have been found in many other ancient cultures.

Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui is not a religion or superstition.

  • Why do certain houses or buildings make you feel uneasy?
  • Why are some workers more productive than others?
  • Why are some businesses more successful than others?
  • Feng Shui can be the key to answering these questions.

When the Chi is allowed to flow smoothly in your environment, it can also flow smoothly within your mind and body.

However, if the Chi is blocked, or is moving too swiftly or too slowly, it can cause stress, uneasiness or illness.

With Feng Shui, we can help your home or business attain a higher purpose, beyond simple beauty and comfort, to a place that encourages you to flourish and to fulfil your unique potential.

Feng Shui is a way of living in harmony with your surroundings.

Ancient Chinese were very careful in choosing a site to establish a village, a town or a capital.

In ancient China, farms and villages were auspiciously placed within the protective folds of chosen land formations, shielded from harmful winds and nurtured by the gentle winding streams.

Those that practiced the Feng Shui principles prospered in agriculture and trade and grew strong and powerful. They produced social, cultural and military leaders, unlike their neighbours who were exposed to harsh winds and inhospitable terrain.

The study of Clasical Feng Shui was refined over many centuries, producing abundance of learned scholars. Ancient emperors guided by the counsel of their sages and diviners used Feng Shui to auspiciously place palaces, cities and especially their personal gravesites.

It was during this time that the foundational tools of Feng Shui were developed the Pa-Kua (eight-trigrams) map followed by the Luo- pan (compass) and the theory of change, known as the I Ching.

From these building blocks other healing systems arose including Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.

Over the ages many emperors banned the use of Feng Shui knowledge for their subjects thereby securing the power for themselves.

Until the recent Cultural Revolution Feng Shui was an integral part of daily life mostly for the Chinese. It is said that Mao Tse-Tung was a master practitioner and used Feng Shui in his rise to power. Afterwards he outlawed its practice and destroyed many ancient texts.

Feng Shui is no longer exclusive to the East. Feng ShuiPractitioners are commissioned by large cooperations, home owners and by large suburban developments. We can safely say that Feng Shui has made its way to the WEST.

baguaThe ‘Bagua Map” shows all parts of your home like your life, are of equal importance.

In Feng-Shui the “Bagua Map” is used as a tool to find a correlation between the way your home is designed and your ongoing problems. People have solved many problems using the “Bagua Map”.

If you can imagine the “Bagua Map” stretched over your home it will give you an insight to some of the things that have been happening in your life.

With the “Bagua Map” you can see the areas in your home that are missing, what the effects will be and to whom in the family. If you have a part of your home that is in disrepair and clogged with clutter (junk or a teenagers room) you’ll be able to see what type of afflictions are being created with this. So don’t despair be creative and include the missing parts and do some major clutter clearing. Your home will thank you for it!

When you look at each sector individually you’ll see that each has its individual importance.

The North for Career Prospects. The North is the sector of income and success at your job. The flow of life.

The Northeast for Education and Knowledge. The Northeast is the energy for education luck. If you have children in school or university, this sector also promotes motivation and purpose. If you are feeling a lack of inspiration have a look at the North/East.

The East for Health & Family Luck. The East brings good health and harmonious relationships between family members. If you have elderly family members living with you, look after this part of the house. This is also the area to look at if there is sibling rivalry between the kids.

The Southeast for Wealth & Prosperity Luck. The Southeast is one of the most important sectors due to its ability to bring wealth and income! No leaking taps here or anything broken …

The South for Fame, Recognition & Success. The South is the sector for success, recognition and fame. It is vital to look after this sector if fame and popularity dictates your success. If you have an afflicted South corner, you could see all that you’ve built tumble down. The South is not just for those who want success in the public eye. It also brings recognition for your work. If you find that your good work is being overlooked, and your bad points are constantly being picked on, you might have a problem with your South corner. Is it missing or cluttered?

The Southwest for Love, Romance & Marriage. The Southwest is the sector that represents the Mother. It also brings love, relationship and marriage luck. If the SouthWest sector is afflicted, young girls living in the house will find it difficult to find the right man. There are many cases of attractive and eligible girls not being able to find themselves partners and when you check the Feng Shui in more cases than not you will find either a missing South West corner or a toilet in the South West.

The West for Fertility & Descendants Luck. The West is the sector that brings descendants luck. If you are a childless couple wanting to start a family together this is the area of your house to focus on.

The Northwest for Mentor Luck. The Northwest is the sector that represents the father or patriarch and is one of the most important parts of the house as it controls the luck of the head of the household. If the North West is afflicted the ability of the breadwinner to put food on the table is diminished.