Your space speaks loudly what is going on in your life and where you are  going…

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Perrie Burton is one of only two FSRC Feng Shui Masters in Australia, this is one of the highest international Feng Shui accreditation.

FSRC is headed by the most respected Master Joseph Yu, he has a background in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Hong Kong.

She has studied and practiced Feng Shui all over Australia, Singapore , Hong-Kong, Malaysia and  United Arab Emirates  (Dubai).

Perrie is the principal of the Feng Shui Gold Coast Academy and manages her own consultancy firm ‘Feng Shui Gold Coast ‘.

Internationally trained in Classical Feng Shui, with diverse experience, Perrie has worked on small family consultations, large company projects, with developers, architects, high profile clients, retail shops, medical centers, resorts, hotels, and residential private estates.

Most of Perrie’s clients have worked with her over many years and would not consider purchasing a new property or building a new home without her approval, whether the projects are in Australia or worldwide.

Over the last 20+ years  Perrie has had a large number of enquiries from students wanting to be trained by her as Feng Shui Practitioners.

In 2014 Perrie established the ‘Feng Shui Gold Coast Academy’ with the introduction of the  Inaugural 12 month Feng Shui Practitioner Training.  The the students that successfully complete the 11 Modules, then attend a Retreat in Bali as part of their 12th Module and the Practitioner Certificate Ceremony.

Perrie is also the current President of the Australian Feng Shui Consultants Association from 2015, 2016 2017, 2018. 2019.