What days of the week do you truly like?

for a good reason…According to Feng Shui some days of the week will be more likely to boost your energy and in contrast there may a day or two that will drain you.

Perhaps this is the reason some people hate Mondays…apart from the obvious.

There is a reason for this and it can be easily explained and applied in your everyday life.The year that we are born has a combination of elements that have a great influence on our Inner Feng Shui & the effect the days of the week have on us.

An easy and a quick guide has been used for hundreds of years in a form of the “Chinese Animal Calendar” see the table below…

The days of the week are listed according to your animal year of birth and are nominated as “Excellent Day’  ‘Vitality Day ’ or ‘Obstacle day’ of the week.

If you had the luxury to choose any day of the week to not work will it be your obstacle day or the vitality day? I know that I like to rest on my obstacle day, and that is my day off.

A good friend of mine loves to do the opposite she chooses to have her vitality day as a day off so she can accomplish her personal chores.

One thing is for sure if you were to pick a wedding date or starting a new business make sure you choose one of your favorable  days!!!