Are you HOT or Cold? I’m neutral…

A few years ago, after a trip to a Hong Kong for a Conference, I brought home to Australia a number of interesting books written by local Hong Kong Feng Shui Masters.

It was in one of those books that I first learned about THE Feng Shui Hot, Neutral andCold Predisposition; a concept that immediately made so much sense to me.

So I started to use this concept with some of my clients.  It was easy, straightforward and above all it really worked.

So what is it?

Knowing your predisposition is very helpful

Hot  predisposition people are Yang

Cold  predisposition people are Yin.

Neutral people are either Yin or Yang depending on their date of birth.


If you were born after May 6th and before August 8th,

You would be considered as a Hot Predisposition person.

Hot Predisposition people find themselves benefitting from Metal and Water Elements


If you were born after August 8th and before March 6th, You would be considered as a Cold Predisposition person.

Cold Predisposition people can benefit from Wood or Fire Elements


If you were born after March 6th and before May 6th you would be considered as a Neutral Predisposition person.

Neutral Predisposition people can benefit from any Elements in their life, but Metal and Water are preferred

This concept can be used in many  ways,

By adding the beneficial Element to your Surroundings,

By planning Activities according to the Element of the day…

to find  the element of each day  for your  reference. 
A custom throughout Asia is to give Newborns a lucky name from their beneficial Element.

Picking the right name is one of the most important tasks parents have to make in welcoming their new baby to their family.

To use the beneficial Element in naming you can use the five elements to select a name.

All you have to do is determine the baby’s predisposition according to their birthday;

Hot and Neutral predisposition can use names with Metal or Water Element representation.

Like the name of a River, Ocean, or a precious Metal….

Cold predisposition names link with Wood or Fire personality.

Like a name of a beautiful flower, herb , enlightenment, illumination….