2019 Year of the Pig Seminar


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Learn what 2019 has in store for you, your family & your friends.


The 2019 Year of the Pig Workshop days.

18/1/2019: 6pm – 9pm   SOLD OUT!

23/1/2o19: 6pm – 9pm  SOLD OUT !

24/1/2019: 6pm – 9pm  SOLD OUT !

26/1/2019: 9am – 12 noon  SOLD OUT!

PDF NOTES from the Seminar  available


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  • What is the energy MAP for 2019 and how you can benefit from it

  • Who needs to slowdown and who needs to pickup  the pace in 2019

  • Where is the most Vibrant Qi coming from in 2019 and how you can access it

  • Will your business experience a 12 month Money LOCK for 2019

  • YOUR BEST Energy Days for 2019

  • YOUR Wish-fulfilling DAYS for 2019

  • What areas in your home should be left alone or you will risk activating obstacles in your life

  • What animal sign is VERY VERY VERY Lucky in 2019

  • How to avoid conflict and disagreement in 2019

  • Where is the energy to help you stay motivated and productive  in 2019

  • How to welcome the God of Wealth and when for 2019

  • What months will be the BEST in 2019
  • Find out how your own personal energy will be affected in 2019
  • Days in 2019 with the lowest energy and how to use them

  • Who will have the Romance luck for 2019 and feel popular

  • Where is the best place to place WATER in 2019 to strengthen the positive Qi

  • Why is your environment very important to the PIG?

  • Find out who will be of GREAT HELP to you in 2019

  • Where in your home and office you will receive extra energy for 2019



 “Karma Place”

86 Quambone Street,

Worongary,  Gold Coast, QLD

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